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The Laucala Bay Athletics Club (LBAC) was formed back in the late 1990’s by Albert Miller, Paul Yee, Henry Elder Jnr and Bola Tafo’ou as a way forward for Athletics in the country and at a time when clubs were slowly disappearing. The idea of setting up the club was basically to accommodate the needs of up and coming athletes who had showed a lot of potential and interest in the sport of Track & Field.

Athletes such as; James Goulding (Javelin), Autiko Daunakamakama (400 Hurdles) , Saula Roko (Sprints), John Lumkon (Sprints), Litiana Miller (Sprints), Vani Senokonoko (LJ) , Mereoni Raluve, Maria Livinawa (Shot Put), and Iowana Sera (Pole Vault & Heptathlon). These were just some of the athletes who were members of the LBAC in 1999. The athletes went on to win a number of medals for Fiji at the 1999 Guam South Pacific Games.

Other athletics stars who were also members of the LBAC;

  • John Lum Kon (Sprints)
  • Wise Finau (Sprints)
  • Sera Tuinalase (Sprints)
  • Alena Vadrasamu (Sprints)
  • Iowane Dovumatua (Sprints)
  • Soko Salanaqiqi (Jumps and Sprints)
  • Litiana Miller (Sprints)
  • Albert Miller Jnr (Sprints)
  • Heleina Young (Sprints)
  • Lesia Vanawalu (Sprints)
  • Roy Ravana (Sprints & Hurdles)
  • Ratutira Narara (Sprints)
  • Errol Qaqa (Sprints & Hurdles)
  • Milika Tuivanuavou (Multi events)
  • Eroni Tuivanuavou (Jumps & Sprints)
  • Banuve Tabakaucoro (Sprints)
  • Leslie Copeland (Javelin)
  • Eugene Vollmer (Jumps)
  • Ana Kaloucava

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