Women’s National Records

The following are the national records in athletics for the women’s outdoor and indoor athletics events. The oldest of the records belong to Miriama Chambault in the long jump. She set the record in New Caledonia in 1979 and still stands today, the closest anyone as ever got to it was Soko Salaniqiq who jumped a PB of 6.02m at the Pacific Games in Samoa in 2007.

Salome Tabuatalei, undoubtedly is Fiji’s long distance queen having held 6 fiji national records (1500m, 2000m, 3000m, 5000m and Half marathon). She’s now actively involved in Va’a where she’s also represented Fiji on numerous regional levels.


Event Record Athlete Place Year
60m 7.69s Makereta Naulu Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 2017
200m 25.56s Sisilia Seavula Iowa, USA 2017
400m 54.02s Makelesi Batimala Valencia, Spain 2008
600m 1:37.11s Ana Baleveicau New York City, USA 2014
800m 2:24.18s Ana Baleveicau New York City, USA 2014
55m Hurdles 8.96s Alisha Dickinson Lubbock, USA 2014
60m Hurdles 9.12s Milika  Tuivanuavou Fresno, USA 2011
High Jump 1.60m Milika  Tuivanuavou Cedarville, USA 2011
Long Jump 5.93m Milika  Tuivanuavou Marion, USA 2013
Triple Jump 12.77m Milika  Tuivanuavou Marion, USA 2013
Shot Put 14.69m Milika  Tuivanuavou Geneva, USA 2012
Pentathlon 3401 pts Milika  Tuivanuavou Fresno, USA 2011


Event Record Athlete Place Year Notes
100m 11.55s Makelesi Batimala Apia, Samoa 2007
200m 23.22s Makelesi Batimala Huesden-Zolder, Netherlands 2008
300m 37.91s Makelesi Batimala Ljubljana, Slovenia 2004
400m 51.89s Makelesi Batimala Brisbane, Australia 2004
800m 2:08.81s Makelesi Batimala Brisbane, Australia 2008
1000m 3:05.48s Kavita Maharaj Brisbane, Australia 1999
1500m 4:39.10s Salome Tabuatalei Suva, Fiji 1995
2000m 6:54.00s Salome Tabuatalei Suva, Fiji 1995
3000m 10:18.70s Salome Tabuatalei Auckland, New Zealand 1994
5000m 18:22.60s Salome Tabuatalei Suva, Fiji 1995
10000m 38:49.60s Salome Tabuatalei Suva, Fiji 1993
Half Marathon 1:39.09s Salome Tabuatalei Noumea, New Caledonia 1993
Marathon 5:00:34.0s Sarah Pene Eftonga Dublin, Ireland 2010
100m Hurdles 13.62s Rachael Rogers Canberra, Australia 1998
400m Hurdles 61.18s Ana Baleveicau Abilene, USA 2016
High Jump 1.71m Shawntell Lockington Suva, Fiji 2017
Pole Vault 3.73m Eseta Finau California, USA 2018
Long Jump 6.12m Miriama Chambault Noumea, New Caledonia 1979
Triple Jump 12.86m Milika Tuivanuavou California, USA 2013
Shot Put 14.73m Milika Tuivanuavou California, USA 2015
Discus 47.76m Mereoni Vibose Suva, Fiji 1983
Hammer Throw 40.72m Tavaita Bulai California, USA 2012
Javelin 49.28m Sisilia Lau Suva, Fiji 2003
Heptathlon 4822 pts Sainiana Tukana Noumea, New Caledonia 1987
20k Walk (road) 2:47.33s Deepika Chand Suva, Fiji 2003
4x100m 44.86s Fiji (Miller, Bulikiobo, Raluve, Rodgers) Suva, Fiji 2003
4x400m 3:40.03s Fiji (Vatureba, Bulikiobo, Radiniwaimaro, Raluve) Suva, Fiji 2003