This page has links below to the various coaching resources issued by World Athletics (WA) in their aim to ensure a steady and sustainable policy of development of the sport of Athletics.

  • Athletics and Physical Education in Schools (APES)
    • Athletics and Physical Education in Schools (APES) is a manual that was compiled by Albert Miller and Henry Elder to help teachers and coaches provide programs that are interesting and beneficial for primary school students.
  • Run!  Jump! Throw!
    • A publish by WA highlighting what coaches need and what new and experienced coaches around the world want – enough guidance to allow them to get on with their work and learn by doing. Run! Jump! Throw! does just that in an up-to-date, clear, user-friendly and practical format.
  • Introduction to Coaching
    • The official WA guide to coaching athletics.
  • Kid’s Athletics Guide
    • The WA Kids’ Athletics aims to introduce children to Athletics at a basic level.The program is not intended only for clubs and Member Federations but also for schools and all institutions who are interested in the well-being of children.