Coe Moving Athletics Forward

Story by: Grace Narayan, The Fiji Sun (22/07/2017)

Visiting Fiji for the first time, Coe who set 12 world records during his athletics career is also pleased to be attending of the Oceania Athletics Championship which starts this Wednesday at the ANZ Stadium in Suva. “It is absolutely my first time to be in Fiji and I am very happy to be here for the Oceania Congress and I’m also looking forward to the Oceania Athletics Championships next week,”Coe said.

“Tickets are available for $2 and $5 and I must say that is extremely a good value looking at the quality of around 600 athletes.”

Coe shared on the agenda that was discussed during the Oceania Athletics Congress.

“It is very important for all sports particularly athletics as we have been through a very difficult period in our history,”he said.

“I like to think that everything on the agenda will move our sport forward. There are mainly issues relating to events, competition, high performance, coaching etc. There are qualification places up for grabs next week for World Championships in London. I want to see continental and regional championships playing a very important role and as we look to see how we connect to the World Championships. Oceania has delivered some great athletes like Valerie Adams, one of the finest female field competitors of all time.”

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