Prasad says we have potential athletes

Story by: Pravin Narain, The Fiji Times (02/07/2017)

“Fiji’s parent body needs to have some kind of communication between athletes who compete in the Coca-Cola Games, he said.

“After the Fiji Finals it is like the Olympic Games is over for them and their career also end,” he said.

“They would feel they are left alone and need to fetch a job, but if we can keep our communication going with these kids and the coaches, it would be better.

“The Government can also get involved and help athletes with funds for their shoes and clothing. Once they start performing and their pictures are put up by the media, then everyone would want to be part of that,”

Prasad was a champion in the long distance running such as the 5000 metres, 10000m, half marathon and marathon for Fiji.

He also represented Fiji at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and Barcelona in 1992.

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