Samabula Primary School (SPS) Kindergarten ended their 2018 Early Childhood Education (ECE) with a Kids’ Athletics program as part of their Sports Day Program last Friday (27/07/2018).

SPS Head Teacher, Mr. Mohammed Feroz, saluted the efforts of his forever dedicated and hardworking staff of 7 that made the week a memorable one for the 80 plus kindergartners at the SPS Kindergarten.

In the 20 plus years of the ECE Program, this has been by far the most successful and it was all made possible by the hardworking kindergarten staff.

The ECE program has been around for while and only, in the past 10 – 12 years, has the Ministry of Education taken it upon themselves to formalize such celebrations.

The main objective of such an initiative was to collaborate with important stakeholders to facilitate quality Early childhood education for every child and as such, develop a strong foundation for future educational excellence.

Athletics Fiji development officers spent the day setting up and help run the Kids Athletics program with the help of the teachers who were there to make sure that every kindergartner had the opportunity to do the formula 1 course.

The theme of this year’s ECE celebrations was “Quality Childhood Care and Education – Everyone’s Responsibility”.

In addition to his salutary comments, Mr. Feroz reiterated the Everyone’s Responisibility” bit of the theme by sharing some of the experiences and challenges that most teachers in Fiji face with having to fork out of their own pockets to help pay for resource material for their classes.

Teachers are spending their own money for their resources. Resources such as various colored pens, books etc. It’s an investment in the young”

Teaching is a calling that only a few answer and I believe that we teachers play an important role in society as much as doctors do.

Story by: Eugene Vollmer, Athletics Fiji (29/07/2018)

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