World Athletics Level I Coaching Course

Athletics Fiji in conjunction with FASANOC, World Athletics (WA), Oceania Athletics and the IOC conducted a 2 week long coaching workshop that was facilitated by Albert Miller Snr and assistant lecturer Makelesi Bulikiobo.

A total of 15 participants from around Fiji attended the 11 day WA Coaches Education Certification System Level I coaching workshop that was held from the 12th to the 23rd of August.


The participants consists of teachers, old scholars of various schools, former athletes and physical trainers from all around Fiji,” said Bulikiobo.

The workshop was opened by Athletics Fiji President Joe Rodan Snr where he emphasized the roles of coaches and how they play an important part in improving the performance of Athletes all over.

“The whole idea behind the CECS is to have a uniform basic coaching principles of grassroots athletics worldwide,” quoted Miller in his introduction on day 1 of the workshop.

The participants went through practicals and classroom work covering the basic knowledge and practical understanding and application of the sport sciences, recognition of the five basic skills of coaching and then application and practice of these skills within their coaching all the while making sure that their focus is to “see” the athlete and make their coaching athlete-centred and appropriately coach-led.

Miller hopes that the knowledge acquired will improve the coaching quality at the grass-root level which in turn will improve the level of athletics all over Fiji.

Story by: Athletics Fiji (23/08/2019)