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Draft Program

The following selection criteria has been endorsed by Athletics Fiji in selecting its team for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu. Click here for the downloadable file.

Entry Standards

Men Events Women
A Standard B Standard A Standard B Standard
10.80s 10.90s 100m 12.30s 12.50s
100m Hurdles 15.50s 16.00s
15.50s 16.00s 110m Hurdles
21.70s 22.00s 200m 25.00s 26.00s
49.50s 50.00s 400m 58.00s 59.00s
56.00s 57.00s 400m Hurdles 65.00s 67.00s
1min 58.00s 2mins 00.00s 800m 2mins 20.00s 2mins 25.00s
4mins 10.00s 4mins 11.00s 1500m 5mins 00.00s 5mins 10.00s
10mins 00.00s 10mins 20.00s 3000m Steeplechase 12mins 00.00s 13mins 00.00s
16mins 00.00s 16mins 30.00s 5000m 20mins 00.00s 23mins 00.00s
34mins 00.00s 35mins 00.00s 10000m 50mins 00.00s 52mins 00.00s
60mins 14.00s 60mins 16.00s Half Marathon 1hour 36mins 1hour 45mins
2hours 20mins 2hours 35mins Marathon
14.80m 14.00m Shot Put 12.80m 12.40m
45.00m 42.00m Hammer Throw 38.00m 35.00m
64.00m 60.00m Javelin 43.00m 42.00m
45.00m 43.00m Discus 42.00m 40.00m
6.90m 6.70m Long Jump 5.40m 5.20m
14.20m 14.10m Triple Jump 11.00m 10.50m
2.00m 1.97m High Jump 1.63m 1.60m
4.40m 3.90m Pole Vault 3.00m 2.80m
6000 points 5800 pts Decathlon
Heptathlon 4200 points 4000 points
1hour 52mins 1hour 55mins 20k 2hours 25mins 2hours 30mins