Oceania Athletics Association (OAA) facilitated a two day “Women for a Healthy Community” Workshop last weekend at Tilak High School, Lautoka.


According to OAA Project Manager Carlee Beattie, the workshop was a success.

“Every participant was fully engaged and contributed valuable knowledge to the group”

And so OAA’s aim moving forward is to build on this workshop and to present it in countries all around the Pacific.

“We specifically targeted women of Fiji as we realize their potential to create and contribute to the level of health in their communities”

It is far too often in the past that government and sporting organizations come up with sporting activities to help the Ministry of Health in their battle against NCD’s.

Definitely a great initiative, that’s all good provided you’re still able to get off of your feet and move. A workshop such as this seems more practical and does not discriminate across gender, age or ability.

OAA Executive Directore Yvonne Mullins was in attendance and praised the workshop saying; “It was outstanding”

The workshop covered topics like Daily dietary form, health and food, reading food labels, calories in food, dietary examples, healthy snacks and sports nutrition. Yoga and Zumba was also part of the program.


Participants then completed the 2 days with a group work activity and cooking class.

Story by: Eugene Vollmer, Athletics Fiji (03/10/2018)